Sheer Aloe Moisturizer

Particularly effective for Acne, Oily Skin, Dark Spots and Wrinkles.

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  • 1 tablespoon of Aloe Vera Gel
  • 1/2 cup of unrefined Shea Butter
  • 1 tablespoon of Beeswax
  • 2 tablespoons of Avocado Oil
  • 10 to 20 drops of Jojoba Oil


  1. Pour 1/2 cup unrefined Shea butter into a microwave-safe bowl.
  2. Microwave on medium for 30 seconds, or just until the butter is melted.
  3. Avoid overheating or boiling Shea butter, which creates a grainy consistency and may cause the butter to lose its healing effects.
  4. Place 1 tablespoon beeswax into a separate microwave-safe bowl. Microwave the beeswax on high heat for 30 seconds, or until melted.
  5. Add 1 tablespoon aloe vera gel and 2 tablespoons avocado oil to the beeswax bowl.
  6. Pour beeswax mixture and melted Shea butter into a blender or incorporate with a hand mixer. Blend ingredients until creamy.
  7. Pour the mixture into a bowl and work in 10 to 20 drops of jojoba oil.


Jojoba oil closely resembles the human sebum, therefore its uses in skin care are innumerable. It helps in removing excess oil from the skin and unclogging the pores. It has natural moisturizing and emollient properties, thereby preventing dry patches and irritations. When used regularly it helps in controlling acne because of its vitamin A and E content.

Shea butter is rich in vitamins A, F and E. It provides essential fatty acids (oleic, stearic, linolenic and palmitic acids) which enable collagen production. In addition to offering UV protection (~SPF 6) it is incredibly nourishing and moisturising for the skin. Due to the presence of cinnamic acid, Shea butter is very potent against skin inflammations and is recommended for acne prone skin.

Beeswax acts as a surfactant ,when blended with other ingredients, it forms a protective barrier on the surface of the skin and helps protect against environmental damage. Beeswax is antibacterial helping keep the skin clean and free from potential infections. It is also a humectant, which means it attracts water and helps keep the skin hydrated.

Avocado Oil is rich in monosaturated fatty acids which help moisturize the skin and reduce inflammations. Avocado Oil is also a rich source of antioxidants which make it especially effective in fighting the appearance of wrinkles and other forms ageing. Omega-9 fatty acid (Oleic Acid) helps in regenerating damaged skin cells and is one of the building blocks of a healthy complexion.

Aloe Vera helps in fighting all signs of skin ageing by increasing collagen production in the body and thereby reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It has anti bacterial and anti inflammatory properties because of its auxins and gibberellins content which make it potent against acne and sunburn. Aloe Vera is rich in Sorbitol, Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kemelate and Glycerine which help in nourishing the skin. Aloe Vera also helps in keeping the skin hydrated and removing dead cells and other impurities from the skin.


For beauty recipes more tailored to your skin type take our Skin Quiz and get a bespoke homemade beauty regimen. Read more at

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