7 Foods For A More Beautiful You

Keep the skin soft and youthful, get a radiant glow,  and say goodbye to wrinkles – One bite at a time1rm9glhv0ua-brooke-lark-edit

As skincare products get more advanced and high-tech it is ironic that the top complexion cures still come from the most natural places – the aisles of your grocery store. “Increasingly, studies are finding links between certain nutrients and wrinkle reduction, radiance, and acne prevention,” says David Bank, MD, a dermatologist in Mount Kisco, New York.

This is further substantiated by Jessica Wu, MD, a dermatologist in Los Angeles and author of Feed Your Face  who says “There’s a growing body of research showing that diet really does affect your complexion, What you eat can affect your hormone balance, cause acne, and create or lessen inflammation, which is associated with skin aging.”  We have therefore rounded up the following 7 crème de la crème  foods to help you nourish your skin from the inside out.

Radiant Skin with Dark Chocolate

Eminent dermatologist Dr. Oscar Hevia says, ” Scientific data supports eating chocolate high in flavanoids, an antioxidant compound typically found in dark chocolate, can protect your skin, primarily against sunburn and UV damage”. Dr. Hevia further adds, ” One study did show that after three months, ingestion of high flavanol chocolate also improved skin thickness, hydration, and microcirculation, thereby improving the appearance of skin.” We recommend having dark chocolate with cocoa content above 70% so as to provide the greatest benefit to the skin.
Consider these :Godiva Chocolatier 72% Dark Almond Chocolate
Lindt 85% Cocoa Dark Chocolate
Your options are not just restricted to chocolates, it can be a chocolate wrap at a spa or even a topical cream with cocoa, the only thing to keep in mind is the cocoa content.

Smoothen Skin with Yogurt
Yogurt contains lactic acid, which is an alphahydroxy acid that dissolves dead skin cells. It , therefore, acts as a gentle exfoliating agent. Further, the protein found in dairy products helps make the skin firmer. Greek yogurt is especially beneficial in this regard. Dr. Perricone  says “The protein content is often double that of regular yogurt,”. We recommend having a single serving of sugarless greek yogurt daily for smoother more even toned complexion.

Fight Aging with Olive Oil

Olive oil is a potent antioxidant, with abundant reserves of three of the major antioxidants in Phytosterols, Vitamin E and Polyphenols. Antioxidants such as these when applied topically help guard the skin against different signs of aging and the generation of free radicals. The vitamin E reserves helps in improving skin health by treating acne, inflammation and even serious ailments like eczema and psoriasis. It is also very nourishing and moisturising by keeping the skin hydrated. We recommend using Virgin Olive Oil (any credible brand will do, we tested this one Figaro Olive Oil ) either as part of any treatment (for example Jojoba Moisturiser, Find the recipe here) , Or on a standalone basis when directly applying to the skin.

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Calm Redness with Oats


Oats have natural anti-inflammatory properties, which make it especially useful for people with sensitive skin. It helps in soothing the irritations and treating the inflammations. Ground oats can be added to lukewarm water to soothe irritated, itchy skin. We recommend making your own homemade cleanser using rolled oats, Soothing Oat Facial CleanserFind the recipe here.

Protect with Green Tea
Believe us when we say Green Tea is the closest thing to a magic potion that you can find for your skin. It is very high in antioxidants , catechins like EGCG which boost blood flow and oxygen to the skin , helping deliver key nutrients to the skin cells. Green Tea ,therefore, helps improve the skin’s resilience by boosting its ability to heal itself and combat environmental agents and other pollutants. Though consuming atleast one cuppa green tea in the morning does wonders to your skin’s regenerative capabilities, we recommend going a step further and using a treatment to directly apply green tea to your skin. Try using Green Tea Night Cream,Find the recipe here, you can make it at home using Beeswax, Almond Oil and ofcourse Green Tea.

Hydrate with Water

Yes, I know Duh! But we can’t emphasize enough how important drinking water is in keeping your skin hydrated from inside out. Rachel Nazarian, M.D an assistant clinical professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital and a board-certified dermatologist at the Schweiger Dermatology Group in New York City says “Without adequate water intake, skin appears duller, and wrinkles and pores more prominent.”  We believe that this is because water causes the skin to plump up thus helping fill up the wrinkles and pores. Water also helps guard against acne breakouts and clogged pores. Consuming enough water helps decrease the concentration of oil on the skin resulting in fewer clogged pores. We recommend having atleast 2.25 litres of water on a daily basis.

Say Bye-Bye to Wrinkles with Bell Peppers
One cup of Bell Peppers provides more than your daily quota of Vitamin A and C. Helping augment the production of collagen, Vitamin C is an essential nutrient. Collagen is a critical skin building block which helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Red Bell Peppers are rich in phytochemicals and  carotenoids, particularly beta carotene, which lavish your skin with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits.  To top it all Bell Peppers are unbelievably low in calories. We recommend having a bowl of bell peppers once every 2 days.

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