What is Collagen and how it can help you have Flawless Skin


Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It contains a mix of amino acids like glycine, arginine and proline which are found in all the connective tissues in our body. Collagen is found in our skin, bones, muscles, tendons, digestive systems and blood vessels.
It is collagen that gives our skin elasticity and strength, in addition to the ability to repair and replace dead skin cells.

Unfortunately, our body’s collagen production slows down with age. This slowdown is what leads to the visible signs of aging like wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin. Lifestyle factors such as excessive sun exposure, an unhealthy diet, alcohol and smoking also serve to negatively influence body’s collagen levels.

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It is therefore important keep up body’s collagen levels by including collagen rich foods in our diet.  Although there are a great many topical collagen-rich cosmetic products available in the market today, they have little to no impact on your skin. For noticeable improvements it is better to have collagen working from inside our system, that is how it is most effective. We recommend supplementing your diet with foods like Chicken, Fish, Beef and Egg shell membranes. All these foods have a very high protein content and concomitantly a high collagen content as well.

Collagen for Skin and Hair

 Collagen helps improve the health of Skin and Hair. In a recent double-blind placebo study, it was found that women who took a collagen supplement (collagen hydrolysate) regularly for a duration of 8 weeks noticed a 20% reduction in wrinkles. In addition to that, collagen appears to bolster body’s own production process of collagen by increasing the procollagen content which is a precursor to collagen.

Collagen consumption also increases skin elasticity and natural moisture content which normally decreases as we age. Collagen helps reduce stretch marks and cellulite. When the collagen levels in the skin go down, it not only loses its elasticity but there is another side effect: the cellulite is more visible. Since the skin becomes thinner due to the depleting collagen levels, the cellulite becomes more evident and visible to the naked eye. Bolstering your collagen levels therefore helps improve not just the elasticity but the cellulite menace as well.

In addition to helping the skin, collagen also has other benefits, including

  • Boosting muscle mass, metabolism and energy output
  • Strengthening hair, teeth and nails
  • Reducing joint pain and degeneration
  • Helping improve liver health and a leaky gut

We recommend having a natural protein rich diet which supplements your body’s natural collagen levels. Go in for Chicken Broth or Beef Broth twice a week so as to get a boost of natural type 1,2 and 3 collagen. You can also have 2-3 eggs a day which are rich in type 1 collagen, although they also contain type 3,4 and 10.

You can also go in for collagen supplements, while choosing a supplement, wherever possible, do ensure that it is obtained from grass-fed and pastured humanely raised sources from a reputed company.

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