How to get a Glowing Skin Naturally in 5 weeks

In this article we will suggest a holistic, all-natural skincare regimen which will help you see significant improvements in 35 days of disciplined use


Who doesn’t want a radiant, blemish-free, glowing skin!

Just like good hair days, most of us will agree to having good skin days interspersed with bad ones. How we wish we could avoid those breakouts, blemishes, and spots which seem to prop up every now and then. Fortunately, this is possible, just with a bit of discipline. We promise that if you see out the 5 weeks with the following regimen, you will notice a very perceptible improvement in your skin.

All of us have the basics nailed down, when it comes to a broad understanding of our skin type and texture (If you will like a more thorough understanding you can take Skin Quiz here on our website).

And basic understanding is all that is needed for you to have beautiful, glowing skin all year round. Remember our skin has thousands of pores which produce oil so as to keep the skin moisturized and nourished. Almost all the blemishes, breakouts and spots are results of these pores getting blocked or damaged due to environmental factors. Quite often the pores get blocked due to dirt and oil which gets stuck in them resulting in breakouts, while sometimes overexposure to sun causes the oil producing sebaceous glands to get damaged. Despite all the damage and blockage, remember our skin has an innate ability to self heal. But this ability only goes so far, and sometimes we make matters worse by indiscriminately using chemical laden skincare products.

In this article we will give you an all natural skincare regimen with most ingredients which can be found right there in your kitchen cabinet. Natural Skincare helps you not just avoid the toxic chemicals which are present in quite a lot of over-the-counter skincare products but will also enable you to get a better understanding of the needs of your skin.

  1. Water

Water helps flush out toxins from your system and gives skin a fuller appearance. Proper hydration also improves skin’s smoothness and elasticity.

Girls – Aim to drink atleast 2 litres or 8-9 cups of water per day. Also, ensure that you cut out all sugary drinks from your diet.
Guys – Drink atleast 3 litres or 12-13 cups of water per day. An easy metric is to check the colour of your pee, clear pee indicates proper hydration while when yellow you need to reach out for that glass of water.

  1. Luxe Saffron Face Mask Recipe

Luxe Saffron 340-340

This recipe combines the acne & blemish fighting capabilities of  Multani Mitti with the skin brightening qualities of Saffron and Sandalwood. Turmeric and Tulsi provide strong antiseptic and antibacterial properties, resulting in a face mask which judiciously combines traditional ayurvedic and unani treatments. You can find the recipe here or buy the formulated product with additional fortified ingredients from here.  We recommend that you use the face mask daily once. Leave it on for 10 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. Continue the usage for the duration of this regimen and we guarantee that your skin will be noticeably smoother with a healthy glow.

  1. Exercise


Exercise is a great way to get rid of stress, ensure that you keep the nutrient rich blood flowing to your skin, and to get a good night’s sleep. Stress causes pimples. So in order to get that radiant, healthy skin hit the gym or go for a run whatever works for you. Getting a good night’s sleep helps in the body’s healing and repair process. While proper blood flow to the skin helps in providing much needed nourishment and removal or toxins.

  1. Besan Turmeric Scrub Recipe


This recipe(which you can find here, or buy the made product from here) leverages age old Ayurvedic and Unani wisdom to bring together ingredients like Besan, Indian White Sandalwood and Milk which, in addition to having skin brightening and smoothening qualities, help take the fight against wrinkles and sagging skin. Apply this scrub and leave it to dry for 10-15 minutes and then scrub it off with cold water. Use this mask thrice weekly for 5 weeks for visibly clear and radiant skin.

  1. Eat Healthy

Remember glowing skin is nothing but your body’s way of telling you that all its internal needs are being met in the most conducive manner.  We believe it is imperative not to eat foods that cause the blood sugar to spike. Spiking of blood sugar leads to production of insulin which is unhealthy. We recommend eating clean lean proteins, green leafy vegetables and berries.

Healthy fats are essential to good skin health and treating acne breakouts, so include foods rich in omega-3 in your diet like fish and flaxseed. Foods to avoid for a blemish free skin include wheat, sugar, gluten, dairy products and hydrogenated oils.

  1. Facial Oils


Using the right facial oils can be the one thing that has been stopping you from getting that elusive healthy, radiant skin.  Oils are highly moisturizing and nourishing to the skin and therefore must form part of any effective skincare regimen. We recommend using facial oils as leave-on overnight lotions on your skin. You can read our in-depth article here, for selecting the perfect facial oil for your skin type. Also, you can learn how to use oils as part of your skincare regimen by going through the article here.

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a powerful natural ingredient used in many skincare recipes. It is rich in Sorbitol, Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kemelate and Glycerine which help in nourishing the skin. Aloe Vera increases the collagen production of the skin thereby boosting the healing and repair capability of the skin. Aloe Vera should be part of your daily skincare regimen, you can either use it once in the night (after using a gentle cleanser) or in the morning (again post cleansing). If you have to adopt just one of these suggestions from this article, we will recommend using Aloe Vera.

Please do share your experience with this regimen in the comments below.  Also, for beauty recipes more tailored to your skin type take our Skin Quiz and get a bespoke homemade beauty regimen. Read more at



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