Why you should include face scrubs in your skincare regimen


The primary reason for following a skincare regimen is to look the best that we can. A well balanced regimen can ensure a healthy, radiant looking skin year-round. These days, face washes and moisturizers are fairly commonplace in most skincare regimens. Unfortunately just these two by themselves are not sufficient to meet the needs of our skin. To ensure proper removal of dead skin cells and healthy pores on the surface of the skin, it becomes critical to incorporate a face scrub in your skincare regimen.

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A face scrub contains small particles, or beads which being mildly abrasive, help gently exfoliate the skin by unclogging the pores of the skin and by removing impurities and dead skin cells.  When you scrub away the old, flaky skin, you reveal a softer, smoother looking skin. A skin that looks rejuvenated.

A common question about scrubs is how often should one exfoliate their skin? The answer to that depends on our skin type, although most dermatologists recommend using a face scrub 2-3 times a week. Remember over scrubbing can damage the delicate skin on your face, so it is advisable to exfoliate 2-3 times a week.

Benefits of using a face scrub

Helps remove dirt and impurities from the skin

Sometimes your skin needs a deeper cleansing , something which a face wash cannot provide. A face scrub, with its minute granules or particles gives a gentle exfoliating effect which removes dirt, grime,  dead skin cells and other impurities from the skin. This ensures a cleaner, healthier and more radiant skin

Bolster Aging Skin

Our skin has a very strong self healing capability, which ensures that it keeps on rejuvenating and regenerating itself every 30-40 days. Unfortunately, as we age this ability decreases. This is where a face scrub can lend our skin a helping hand.

A face scrub can bolster the rejuvenation process by improving the skin renewal times. This is done by gently removing the dead skin cells which might end up clogging the pores. Remember, not to overdo it by using a scrub too often. Exfoliating 2-3 times a week is generally recommended for most skin types.

Smoother, Clearer Complexion

One of the biggest contributors of blemishes and other breakouts is the clogging up of pores on the surface of the skin. The pores can be clogged due to sebum buildup or due to dirt and dead skin cells. It, therefore, becomes very important to cleanse and unclog the pores at regular intervals to ensure clear, spot-free skin.

Flake-Free Skin

For people with dry skin, a common concern is flaky skin, which not only looks unattractive but is also difficult to contain. The common reaction in this case is to moisturize (which in a lot of cases helps) but we will recommend using a gentle face scrub. The face scrub will help gently remove the outer flaky layer of the skin to reveal a fresh looking, healthier skin. You can follow the face scrub with a moisturizer or facial oil to yield long lasting effects.

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